Why did I receive a notice (bill) for my Medicare premiums?

Why did I receive a notice (bill) for my Medicare premiums?

Medicare Part A is free if you've worked at least 10 years and contributed to Medicare taxes. If you do not qualify under these guidelines, you can pay a monthly premium that is determined by your work history and employment quarters. 

This premium is also known as a "Notice of Medicare Premium Payment Due." 

When Premiums Apply

Medicare Part B does have a monthly premium unless you qualify under financial assistance such as state Medicaid Programs. Those who enroll in Medicare Part B AND do not qualify for Medicaid may receive a bill or automatic deduction from benefits.

Additional premiums apply for those enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan, or Medicare Advantage Plan. Although some Medicare Advantage Plans may cost $0 for premiums, you should always pay your Medicare Part B.

Medicare Premium Deductions

Medicare premiums will be deducted from monthly benefits if you receive benefits from any of the following:

  • Social Security Administration
  • Railroad Retirement Board
  • Civil Service

How to Pay for Medicare Premiums

You have several options to pay for your Medicare Premiums. You can do so by automatic deduction from a bank account or mail in a check or credit card payment to the Medicare Premium Collection Center.

For more information, see How to Pay Your Medicare Premiums.

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Why did I receive a notice (bill) for my Medicare premiums?