Which doctors accept Medicare assignment?

Which doctors accept Medicare assignment?

Before answering the above question, let's start with a definition.

Medicare assignment is a reimbursement understanding. When a doctor or provider accepts Medicare, it means that he or she accepts the amount that Medicare has approved as reimbursement for the doctor's services. Providers have three different types of relationships with the Medicare program as described below.

Participating Doctors or Providers

Participating doctors accept the Medicare-approved reimbursement for their services. These providers bill the Medicare program 80% and the patient 20% of this amount.

Non-participating Doctors or Providers

Non-participating doctors can choose on a case-by-case basis whether or not to accept Medicare assignment. In the case of a doctor not accepting Medicare, the patient will still receive the reduced Medicare-approved price, but might have to pay a 15% additional charge above the cost of the service, known as a Medicare excess charge. The patient would then be billed for up to 35% of the reduced Medicare price rather than 20%.

Doctors Not Accepting Medicare Assignment

If you use a doctor who opts out of Medicare, the charge for that doctor's service is likely higher than that of a Medicare-approved doctor. You will be billed for this full amount.
The Medicare.gov Physician Compare tool is useful if you need to find a local and Medicare-approved doctor. The search can be filtered by medical specialty, geographical area, or name. Maps and directions to the doctor's office are also offered.

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Which doctors accept Medicare assignment?