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How do I apply for Medicare?

How do I apply for Medicare?

Those who retire at age 65 and have not yet received social security benefits have six months to enroll in Medicare. The application process can begin as soon as three months prior to your birth date and ends three months after your birth date. Late-enrollment penalties do apply if application is not completed within these six months. Individuals apply through their local social security office.

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How much of my bill will Medicare Part A pay?

How much of my bill will Medicare Part A pay?

The benefit period begins the first day that bean individual begins his or her stay in a medical facility and ends when he or she has been out of the facility for 60 consecutive days. The reason is that it is not uncommon for individuals when sick to go in and out of a hospital several times. All of the bills will be grouped for that benefit period.

Everyone who uses Medicare Part A must first pay what is called a hospital insurance deductible before Medicare pays for any bills during a benefit period. Deductible increases take place on the first of the year.

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