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What does Medicare Plan N cover?

What does Medicare Plan N cover?

Medicare Plan N refers to one Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) plan. This plan covers many out-of-pockets expenses not covered by Original Medicare. The plan was introduced in 2010, and enrollment grew by 33% between 2013 and 2014.

Plan N covers any service or supply that Original Medicare covers. Original Medicare pays first. Plan N pays the remainder of expenses with some exceptions. Plan N does cover Medicare Part A deductibles ($1340 in 2018), Part A co-pays, and Part A co-insurance (20%). It also covers the Medicare Part B co-insurance (usually 20% after deductible).

Preventive health care is covered by Original Medicare. Medicare Plan N covers the following:

Inpatient hospital services, skilled nursing, home health, hospice and blood transfusions are covered by Original Medicare. Medicare Plan N covers the following:

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What does "out of pocket" mean?

What does "out of pocket" mean?

Out-of-pocket costs are costs that Medicare does not cover, and therefore, the patient needs to pay. This includes expenses for services that are both covered and not covered by Medicare. Medicare Part A and Part B do not have maximum out-of-pocket limits.

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