If I retire at age 62, will I be eligible for Medicare at that time?

If I retire at age 62, will I be eligible for Medicare at that time?

No. Individuals need to reach age 65 in order to be eligible for Medicare. The only exception is if you qualified for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

Qualifying for Premium-Free Medicare Part A

In order to receive premium-free Medicare Part A when you do turn 65, the following must be true.  

  • You need to have worked at least 10 years (40 quarters) under Medicare-covered employment or your spouse needs to have worked 10 years.
  • You need to have paid Medicare taxes during the 10 years that you worked. 
  • You must be 65 years of age.
  • You must be an American citizen or permanent legal resident for at least five continuous years.

Therefore, if a retiree turns 65, qualifies for Medicare but needs to pay a premium because he or she hasn't worked 10 years, the premium can be eliminated as follows. When the retiree's spouse turns 62 and has worked 10 years, the retiree will no longer need to pay the premium. The retiree's spouse still needs to wait until age 65 to be eligible for Medicare.

The retiree's spouse would need to continue receiving health benefits through an employer group plan or purchase insurance through a private insurance company until turning 65. Call your State Health Insurance Assistance Program if interested in purchasing private insurance.

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If I retire at age 62, will I be eligible for Medicare at that time?