Does Original Medicare cover dentures?

Does Original Medicare cover dentures?
Original Medicare does not cover dentures. It may cover the cost of teeth extraction as part of an in-patient procedure, but it will not cover the cost of dentures, even if you need them after your procedure. For example, if you break your jaw and need to have your teeth extracted, Original Medicare may cover the cost of the teeth extraction but would not pay for dentures to replace the extracted teeth.

Generally, Medicare doesn't cover any routine dental care, which includes cleanings and check-ups. 

Finding Additional Dental Coverage

Certain plan options, such as Medicare Advantage plans, which are sold through private Medicare-approved insurance companies, might offer additional dental coverage. 

If you want to find and compare qualifying plans that offer more dental coverage than Original Medicare, you can use our free Medicare Cost Revealer to find Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans available in your area. Entering your zip code will show you a list of plans in your area, including plans which cover routine dental care. Just look for the green and white tooth icon to check which plans include routine care.

There may be several Medicare plans that offer routine dental coverage in your area, but specific details often vary by plan. Be sure to compare multiple plans and providers to find the one that works best for you.

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Does Original Medicare cover dentures?