Can I get any Medicare Part D's costs waived?

Can I get any Medicare Part D's costs waived?

In some instances, subsidies and waived copayments are offered for Medicare Part D Prescription Drugs.

Eligibility for Receiving Subsidies

Low-income subsidies for Medicare Part D expenses are called Extra Help. The following individuals are eligible.

  • Those who qualify for Medicaid
  • Those whose income is less than 150% of the federal poverty level
  • Those whose assets, excluding a home, are less than $14,100 for a single person or $28,100 for a married couple 

Eligibility for Waived Copayments

The following individuals are eligible for waived Medicare Part D copayments.

  • Those who reside in a long-term care nursing facility and are enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare Part D
  • Those who use certain prescription drugs, especially generic brands
  • Those who have a low-income subsidy and ask for the waiver at the pharmacy.  Some pharmacies grant the waiver.

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Can I get any Medicare Part D's costs waived?