Can a Home Health Agency (HHA) decline me as a patient?

Can a Home Health Agency (HHA) decline me as a patient?

Yes, a Medicare-certified Home Health Agency (HHA) can decline you as a patient if the agency believes it is unable to provide you with the required resources needed for your medical care.

An agency is allowed to decline a Medicare beneficiary if it believes that it does not have the ability to meet the beneficiary’s health needs and does not subject that individual to different treatment with regards to other patients. This means that if an HHA declines to accept you as a patient due to a certain medical condition, the agency can not accept other patients with the same health condition.

HHAs are allowed to limit the types of services and conditions they will cover as long as policies remain consistent for all patients. HHAs are also allowed to decline patients if the organization does not feel that it can ensure the individual’s safety. Occasionally, HHAs will decline patients because it does not have the capacity or resources to take on new patients. 

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you should check with your plan on coverage for HHAs. Your plan may only cover care from HHAs that are within the plan’s provider network. 

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Can a Home Health Agency (HHA) decline me as a patient?